Car shipping to Austria

Customers who wish to ship their cars to one of the main cities in Austria, such as Graz, Innsbruck, Linz, Salzburg and Vienna, must remember that moving a car overseas may be costly and wearisome. That is why you should take into account many details, for instance documents, customs regulations or duty rates as well as choose an agent that offers reliable services together with reasonable prices of car or cargo shipping. However, Austria being member of European Union provides shippers and their customers with sets of laws and rules complying with makes car shipping safe and regulated.

Shipping a car from the USA to Austria can take some effort. You can get shipping price to Austria with shipping quote.

Shipping a vehicle from the USA to Austria? It is safe and affordable.

As for regulations, all cars shipped to Austria must meet specifications of this country which sometimes means a number of modifications. If your vehicle has been owned and used in the USA for at least half a year, it is exempt from duties. You are not allowed, however, to sell it for the next two years after moving. It is also essential to obtain a separate customs clearance at the main customs office in Vienna.

Among the documents that you need if you are thinking about shipping your car to Austria there are a purchase invoice or bill of sale, original car title, as well as a copy of the car owner’s passport. At destination you need a proof of automobile insurance, a log book (if possible), a registration with police or local authority in Austria and an Exit Certificate stating stay abroad was for at least 12 months.

Customers in need of transporting car overseas from California to Austria are welcome to send free shipping quote. This let us ship your car to Austria.

Having your American vehicle with you in Austria is possible, as you can find affordable transportation service.

Shipping a car from the US takes about three to four weeks. The car may be shipped:

  • in a container to one of the main ports in Germany or Netherlands and then transported inland,
  • on a RO-RO vessel, together with other vehicles from US East Coast to main European ports, then drive to Austria.

When you send a car shipping quote to an agent offering international car shipping you get information about the estimated car shipping price. The cost includes service and insurance but it does not contain duties, taxes or administrative costs that differ in case of each destination. Definitely, it is better to spend more and be sure that your car will be moved safely than to risk its breakage or the delay. This could have a negative impact on your plans regarding both private and professional life. Please send us a quote to receive estimated price of shipping a car from the USA to Austria.

Send us a quote to get shipping price to Austria

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Car shipping to France

France is one of the largest countries in western Europe and it can boast about a population of 65,000,000. Major ports in France include Bordeaux, Boulogne, Calais and many more. People who want to ship a car from the US can choose between a lot of various destinations, both on the coast and inland.
Among the most popular types of car shipping services to France there are containerized car shipping and Roll-on Roll-off (RO-RO) car transport. In the latter case cars are tranported directly on a deck of the vessel. The client may also order a door-to-door car transport and terminal-to-terminal car shipping. It is worth mentioning that containerized shipping to France is the most common way used to move personal belongings and household goods. Especially in case of a door-to-door international car shipping.
If you are shipping your vehicle to France, remember you will need the original title of the vehicle. Sometimes there is a lien on the vehicle, when for example the vehicle is financed. In such a case you need a notarized copy of the title and a letter from the lien holder that authorizes the exportation of the vehicle. If the car was bought in the US, you must submit the original title and a Bill of Sale. You are also supposed to present a bill of lading, showing how and when the car was shipped.
The car must be properly prepared, so make sure the gas tank has less than ¼ of gas. Besides, remember that the trucker will need one set of keys. Also, the alarm must be disabled and you should not leave anything valueable inside the car. If there is such a need, winterize the vehicle in order to protect the radiators and battery from freezing. Make sure the driver sees all scratches and dents and gives you a signed copy of the bill of lading. The document will be required by the insurance company if case your car is delivered damaged. In case of boats, it is advisable to shrink-wrap them, which will prevent moisture accumulation, unauthorized access or damages.

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How to talk to shipping agent?

A very important aspect when choosing an appropriate company advertising its services in international car shipping is its reputation. Before you contact one of the agents, you should check on websites connected to international car shipping if there has been no complaint about its services.
Another step is to send a car shipping quote in order to find out more about the international auto shipping offered by a chosen company. When you already know a car shipping cost you may contact the agent via email, by phone or eye-to-eye.
During a conversation with a car shipping agent you should make sure what exactly the car shipping cost includes. An essential thing is an insurance against the damage that may take place during the transit.
You should also check if the agent possesses a license. Only then you can trust that people working in the company are responsible and qualified employees. Choosing a non-licensed agent is a great risk as your vehicle may be delivered with a great delay. Besides it may be damaged or even lost.
A verified agent is a good source of useful information so, when we are for instance planning car shipping to Germany, we can ask the agency employees about numerous necessary details. They should inform us about the forms we have to fill in. Having an opportunity to discuss the conditions of shipment with a representative we can also enquire about the laws in the country of destination and documents needed for a person shipping and a person collecting the vehicle.
We can also get information about the conditions of the transport. The agent’s representative may give us some advice which will help to decide if we prefer to pay for an open or enclosed shipment. Once we know the pros and cons of shipping a car in a container and on deck of a RORO vessel, it is easier to choose the way more appropriate for our car model and financial possibilities.

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How to find a good shipping agent?

Dozens of companies specializing in international car shipping compete with one another in order to attract the attention of potential customers and get greater profit. All of them advertise their services on the Internet and do their best to make sure their website is clear and eye-catching. Unfortunately, nice website does not always equal the best service.
If we are interested in car shipping to Germany or to other European country, it is essential to find a good and reliable agent so as not to risk the breakage of our vehicle. The distance is great so there is a probability of the delay due to some unexpected problems. A good shipping agent will try to predict and, if possible, to prevent them.
Be careful if you want to lower a car shipping cost. The cheaper does not mean the better and usually companies responsible for international auto transport that offer a very low car shipping price are not reliable. It is obvious that the price must affordable for the owner, but a delay is often also costly so you should pay attention to quality in the first place.
The first thing to be taken into account is if the company has a good reputation with its previous clients. You can check it browsing the Internet and asking questions on proper chatrooms. Once you get an opinion of a few people whose vehicles have been moved safely overseas, you can trust the company and charge it with international auto moving. It is also a good idea to check a shipper with the local BBB (Better Business Bureau). Each good car shipping agent does not have a bad reputation with the BBB.
We should not trust the company if any members of international community have complained about its services. So, although a nice website with useful information and car shipping quote calculator is definitely an advantage, it is worth devoting time for checking the company’s trustworthiness. If you got to know that one of the shippers does not deliver the vehicle when and where they promise, do not use its services.

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Car shipping to Poland

You have just decided to move your car from the USA to Poland. Sounds complicated but, fortunately, nowadays international car shipping is becoming more and more popular and there are numerous companies that specialize in shipping vehicles from the United States to many European countries. The most popular, Baltic ports in Poland are Gdansk and Gdynia, as well as Szczecin and Swinoujscie. Most of cars are transported inland to popular shipping destinations Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Katowice, Lodz or simply driven to other cities if import requirements and documentation are obtained.

When you are shipping a car from the USA to Poland, expect to transport vehicle to the port of Gdansk in container. Shipment would travel 3 weeks from East Coast and 5 weeks from West Coast.

The most popular port in Poland is Gdansk, where most of the car shipments arrive.

Car shipping quote to Poland

When you are planning car shipping to Poland, there are a number of things to be taken into account. First of all, you must find an appropriate, trustworthy shipping company that has a good reputation and at the same time offers a reasonable price. You have just found one that specialize in international auto moving, so you can just send us a car shipping quote. You just need to answer a few questions regarding the car make and a model, as well as the desired destination before you are given an estimated car shipping cost. The car you wish to move should be registered in the US for over six months. You will also need a number of documents and insurance.

How much time does it take to ship a car from the USA to Poland?

As the distance between the US and Poland is quite big, you might wonder how much time car shipping to Poland might take. The time of moving your vehicle is similar to the time of car shipping to Germany and depends on where you are currently staying in the US. For example, if you are planning to move the vehicle from the East Coast, it will take about two weeks, while car shipping to Poland from the West Coast is much longer and takes about five weeks.

Prepare car documentation and personal documents. Shipping agent will help you with customs requirements and import regulations when shipping car to Poland

Prepare car documentation and personal documents. Shipping agent will help you with customs requirements and import regulations.

What documents do I need to move vehicle to Poland?

To ship a car from the USA to Poland you need to provide certain documents, such as:

  • copy of your passport,
  • proof of address in US,
  • vehicle’s bill of sale
  • registration documents

Please make sure you have car’s registration documents: title and bill of sale, if car has been purchased prior to shipment.

Once you have sent a few car shipping quotes and compared the prices, it is time to start preparations. Definitely, it is better to spend more effort or money and be sure that your car will be moved safely than to risk its breakage or the delay. This could have a negative impact on your plans or professional life. Please contact shipping agent for details of shipping vehicles and goods to Poland.

Free car shipping quote to Poland

Please fill out the form to get free shipping quote from the USA to Poland.

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Car shipping to Germany

One of the greatest challenges for people who have to move from the USA to Germany and European Union is how to relocate all belongings, including such big objects as a car or a motorcycle. Luckily, nowadays there are many companies that offer their services of international car shipping. As they compete with one another, a car shipping cost should not be too high.

Shipping car from the USA to Germany includes transporting in container, possibly shared. Ask shipping company to get a quote and price.

Car shipping to Germany is quite common, as people do not only move for personal reasons but they are often sent to Europe by the company they are working for. Besides, there are no restrictions regarding importing cars to Germany. That is why international auto transport to major German cities such as Berlin, Bonn, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Bremen, Munich and many more is rather easy. Car shipping price differs from one company to the other so before you decide on one of them, compare their offers sending a car shipping quote. Normally you can do it using a simple form available on websites devoted to international auto shipping.

To ship a car from the USA to Germany you need to provide certain documents, such as:

  • copy of your passport,
  • proof of address in US,
  • vehicle’s bill of sale
  • registration documents

There are also some specific activities that need to be performed, resulting in e.g. dry and disconnect letter, but they are taken care by shipping company and loading facility.

Are you shipping car, motorcycle or household goods to Germany? Transporting to European Union is possible and relatively affordable!

Those of you who are thinking of car shipping to Germany should know a few basic facts. Firstly, each driver who have stayed in Germany for more than twelve months needs a German license. Besides, each car registered in this country is a subject to motor vehicle tax called Kfz-Steuer. Do not forget to pay the first payment after you register the car. As for taxes, the owner of the car must also pay car import taxes that include both VAT and import duty. Companies specializing in international auto shipping can also transport other vehicles than classic cars. If you have a motorcycle, a vintage car, a truck, a SUV or even a boat, you will be able to move them from the US to Germany without any greater difficulties.

When your vehicle finally reaches its destination and you are going to get it, make sure you take with you such things as: spare auto keys (you have to leave one set with the shipping company), vehicle registration and title and an ID.

Get a free quote for car shipping to Germany

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