More and more drivers decide to import their cars, trucks or vans to Qatar when they go there because of professional reasons and, consequently, need to use the vehicle on every day basis. Many international car shipping companies from the US offer a service of moving cars, buses, vans and trucks to the capital of Qatar, Doha.
Doha is situated on the shore of the Persian Gulf and is known to be the economic centre of the country as well as the seat of the government of Qatar.
Tips when shipping a car to Doha Are you thinking about importing your vehicle to Doha? It is not so difficult or complicated as it may seem!
Firstly, you should take into account the condition of your car, as not every vehicle is appropriate of the hot, dry climate of Qatar. Then you may send a quote to a few car shipping companies to ask about the cost and duration of transport. Once you have decided which company to choose, think about the method of transportation and documents you have to obtain.
What is more, you have to make sure that your vehicle conform to all the laws in the country of destination. Also check what regulations are imposed on you by the Qatar authorities. It may depend on your status, that is the fact whether you are a resident or not and the kind of visa you get. It is also essential that you check information regarding taxes and other fees. Remember to take full insurance cover for the value of the vehicle.
The distance between the US and Doha is great and car shipping may take even a few weeks, especially if the vehicle is to be moved from the West Coast. That is why such decision should not be taken hastily and the owner of the car must take into account all the good and bad points of shipping a car instead of buying a new one in the country of destination.
Once you have moved your car and it has been transported to Doha, before you go to get it make sure you have spare auto keys, vehicle registration and a title as well as an ID.