Qatar is an Arab state which borders Saudi Arabia to the south. Qatar is situated on the small peninsula that is surrounded by the Persian Gulf. Thanks to reserves of oil and gas the country is known as one of the richest in the world. The population is rather small, about 250 000. An interesting fact is that a great number of immigrants work here. The rapid development of the country attracts foreigners who want to find well-paid, satisfying jobs.
In order to ship your car to Qatar you should find a good international car shipping company and send a car shipping quote. Bear in mind, however, that importing a vehicle from the US to Qatar just for your personal use is not always worth all the complications involved.
Tips when shipping a car to QatarIt may appear that your car is not proper when it comes to the climate of the Gulf. One should remember that in the summer the temperature is really high.
As for taxes, you should be aware that there is a four-percent import tax. What is more, it may be difficult to find servicing stations for specific models of vehicles.
When it comes to documentation, you will definitely need the car’s registration and title and a photo ID, preferably a passport. Of course, you need a valid driver’s license. It may happen also that you will need a government transportation license. Always check with your shipping agent what documents you need. Some up-to-date information may be found in the Ministry of Transportation of Qatar. If you are also going to import cargo, remember that all the printed material is subject to censorship.
To sum up, before deciding on importing your vehicle to Qatar, discuss with your mechanic the age of the car and its ability to handle hot weather and dry climate, obtain all the necessary documents and calculate all the possible costs. If you still consider shipping your car from overseas, find a transporting agent that has some experience in Qatar. In this way you may save time and money.