Danish car buyers frequently ship cars to Denmark from their home states, or even without leaving Denmark. If you plan to ship a car from America to Denmark, you need to understand how to do it legally and how much it will cost. You also need to know about the different shipping carriers and ports available.

Transporting a vehicle from the USA to Denmark in European Union can be a challenge. Relocating belongings seems difficult, including such big objects as a car or a motorcycle. There are many companies, however, that offer their services of international car shipping. Thanks to the competition, car shipping cost is cheaper than most people expect.

Buying a car in USA and shipping to Denmark

People may move for personal or professional reasons. They sometimes buy collectible car or fulfill their dream of buying American muscle car.

Owners who ship a car from the USA to Denmark choose the most popular destination in Germany or the Netherlands. Due to the smaller population of Denmark, the last leg can make shipment more expensive.

There are no restrictions when importing cars to Germany, and then to Denmark. International auto transport from the USA to Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg or Odense is rather easy.

The first thing I would do is get a car in the US. If you have a car already, then great! But if you don’t have a car yet, then you might want to consider consulting a specialist to check it’s condition. You also may want to visit the US and see the car you want to buy yourself.

You may also want to buy a bike in the US. Many shipping companies offer motorbike shipping and it is cheaper than transporting a car.

Car shipping to Denmark starts with buying a vehicle in the United States. Then you ask for a free shipping quote, and afterwards start documentation and procedures.

How much does it cost to ship a car to Denmark?

Car shipping price differs from one company to the other. Before you decide on one of them, compare their offers. You can do it using a simple, free car shipping quote.

To ship a car from the USA to Denmark you need to provide certain documents. The list includes:

  • copy of your passport,
  • proof of address in US,
  • vehicle’s bill of sale,
  • vehicle’s registration documents.

There are also some specific tasks that need to be performed, resulting in e.g. dry and disconnect letter. They are taken care by shipping company and loading facility.

As for taxes, the owner of the car should consult local tax authority for the up to date information.

Companies specializing in international auto shipping can transport all sort of vehicles. Do you have a classic car, motorbike, a vintage car, a truck, a SUV or even a boat? You will be able to move them from the US to Denmark!

What happens when your vehicle finally reaches its destination? How to prepare to receive it? Make sure you take with you such things as:

  • spare auto keys (you had to leave one set with the shipping company at the origin),
  • vehicle registration and title,
  • ID, such as passport.