France is one of the largest countries in western Europe and it can boast about a population of 65,000,000. Major ports in France include Bordeaux, Boulogne, Calais and many more. People who want to ship a car from the US can choose between a lot of various destinations, both on the coast and inland.
Among the most popular types of car shipping services to France there are containerized car shipping and Roll-on Roll-off (RO-RO) car transport. In the latter case cars are tranported directly on a deck of the vessel. The client may also order a door-to-door car transport and terminal-to-terminal car shipping. It is worth mentioning that containerized shipping to France is the most common way used to move personal belongings and household goods. Especially in case of a door-to-door international car shipping.
If you are shipping your vehicle to France, remember you will need the original title of the vehicle. Sometimes there is a lien on the vehicle, when for example the vehicle is financed. In such a case you need a notarized copy of the title and a letter from the lien holder that authorizes the exportation of the vehicle. If the car was bought in the US, you must submit the original title and a Bill of Sale. You are also supposed to present a bill of lading, showing how and when the car was shipped.
The car must be properly prepared, so make sure the gas tank has less than ¼ of gas. Besides, remember that the trucker will need one set of keys. Also, the alarm must be disabled and you should not leave anything valueable inside the car. If there is such a need, winterize the vehicle in order to protect the radiators and battery from freezing. Make sure the driver sees all scratches and dents and gives you a signed copy of the bill of lading. The document will be required by the insurance company if case your car is delivered damaged. In case of boats, it is advisable to shrink-wrap them, which will prevent moisture accumulation, unauthorized access or damages.