What is the challenge when moving from the USA to Germany in EU? It is how to relocate all belongings, including such big objects as a car or a motorcycle. Nowadays, there are many companies that offer their services of international car shipping. As they compete with one another, a car shipping cost should not be too high.

Shipping car from the USA to Germany includes transporting in container, possibly shared. Ask shipping company to get a quote and price.

Car shipping to Germany is quite common. People do not only move for personal reasons. They are also often sent to Europe by the company they are working for.

Besides, there are no restrictions regarding importing cars to Germany. International auto transport from the USA to Berlin, Bonn, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Bremen or Munich is rather easy.

Car shipping price differs from one company to the other. Before you decide on one of them, compare their offers sending a car shipping quote. You can do it using a simple form present on websites devoted to auto transport.

To ship a car from the USA to Germany you need to provide certain documents. The list includes:

  • copy of your passport,
  • proof of address in US,
  • vehicle’s bill of sale,
  • vehicle’s registration documents.

There are also some specific tasks that need to be performed, resulting in e.g. dry and disconnect letter. They are taken care by shipping company and loading facility.

Are you shipping car, motorcycle or household goods to Germany? Transporting to European Union is possible and relatively affordable!

Those of you who are thinking of car shipping to Germany should know a few basic facts. Firstly, each driver who have stayed in Germany for more than twelve months needs a German license.

Besides, each car registered in this country is a subject to motor vehicle tax called Kfz-Steuer. Do not forget to pay the first payment after you register the car.

As for taxes, the owner of the car must also pay car import taxes that include both VAT and import duty.

Companies specializing in international auto shipping can also transport other vehicles than daily drivers. Do you have a classic car, motorbike, a vintage car, a truck, a SUV or even a boat? You will be able to move them from the US to Germany without any greater difficulties.

What happens when your vehicle finally reaches its destination? How to prepare to receive it? Make sure you take with you such things as:

  • spare auto keys (you had to leave one set with the shipping company at the origin),
  • vehicle registration and title,
  • ID, such as passport.

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