Do you plan shipping a car to the Middle East? Make sure you are aware of all the existing regulations and laws. Whether it is Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirates, procedures and laws are different. Also transporting a car to Turkey, Syria, Israel or Egypt has its challenges.

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How to ship a car to Middle East? Make sure you know the procedure and documentation required to successfully transport a vehicle.

What is the procedure when shipping a car to Middle East?

As far as documentation is concerned, for each country you will definitely need the following.

  • Car registration, Title.
  • Proof of purchase, Bill of sale or invoice.
  • Photo ID.
  • A valid driver’s license.

It is possible that you will be expected to get a government transportation license. Depending on the destination you may also need other documents.

How to get up to date information about shipping and avoid risks?

  • Ask your shipping agent for advice.
  • Browse websites of the transport regulating authorities.
  • Contact workers of the Ministry of Transportation.
  • Contact proper embassy or check its website.

It is essential to check which vehicles are allowed to enter the country.

Another important issue is connected to citizenship. Some Middle Eastern countries approve car shipping only for people who are citizens. You must definitely check it prior to making any arrangements.

As for customs, most problems are related to personal items which have not been declared and have been left in the car. Remember to empty the car’s interior. If you are permitted to ship some personal items along with the car, declare all of them.

Most Middle East countries charge Value Added Taxes for the shipped automobile. The amount usually depends on the size of the engine.

How much time does it take to transport a car to Middle East?

Sometimes, due to weather conditions or other problems, the transport may be delayed. Usually it should not take more than four weeks for cars shipped from the US. Do not forget about the insurance and the shipping documents.

After checking the laws, make sure that transport of your car to Middle East is possible. You can now decide which type of shipment suits you best. Generally, shipment in an container is believed to be safer. If there is an option to use RO-RO, it is worth considering.