Moving from the United States to the Netherlands can be stressful. Not only you have to pack your belongings, but sometimes you also need to take your car with you. Whether you are relocating to Amsterdam or just bring your classic car to spend holidays in Rotterdam and take part in tulips festival, you need someone to help out. Here is what you need to do to have your car shipped to the Netherlands.

Short summary of car shipping to the Netherlands

Cost of car shipping from Los Angeles to the Netherlands starts short of $1000, in a shared container. You need to consider additional costs, e.g. of domestic transportation or insurance. Shipping would take somewhere between four and seven weeks, depending on the vessel schedule and your calendar. Your participation in the process would contribute to the overall success.

Shipping vehicles to the Netherlands

Car shipping to the Netherlands is a popular option not only for Dutch, but also for practically any other nation in Europe. Thanks to welcoming tax law and great shipping infrastructure, it is a destination that process big part of the EU import. International vehicle transport to major Dutch cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Hague is fairly easy. If you want to have your car shipped to other cities, such as Utrecht, Groningen, Eindhoven or Leiden, you can easily arrange domestic transportation, in case you don’t want to drive the car yourself.

What price of car shipping expect?

There are several options when it comes to overseas car transportation. If you are moving your vehicle from the popular origin, such as New York (or other big city on the East Coast), roll on – roll off is an option. If the distance is greater, for example Houston is a starting point, or even farther, Los Angeles, shipping in a container or sharing a container is the most popular way.

Ship your car in a container

Shipping your car in a 20′, 40′ or 45′ container is considered as the most expensive type of moving a vehicle. On the other hand side, sharing a container is a great way to reduce the final price, which would be split among owners of additional cars fitted inside.

Although it is possible to fit up to 5 cars in the container, we at Martin Transports avoid unnecessary risk and never recommend such setup. Please fill out the form to get a free quote and discover the most suitable shipping service to the Netherlands.

Ro-ro to the Netherlands

Roll on – roll off service is easier to perform, as you don’t have fit the vehicle into the container: you just drive into the vessel and drive out at the destination. These services, however, are available only at the most popular routes.

Cost of shipping a car to the Netherlands

Cost of transportation depends on the selected way of shipping What needs to be included in the final price?

  • freight,
  • documentation fee,
  • any domestic transport to the shipping company,
  • storage,
  • delivery to the port (may be included in the freight price),
  • origin port fees (may be included in the freight price),
  • taxes,
  • additional fees,
  • cleaning (some countries require it, especially for overseas cargo),
  • import processing,
  • duties,
  • customs,
  • destination port fees,
  • logistic service providers fees,
  • optional insurance.

As you see, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. If you are looking for value for money while getting low risk solution and good sleep at night, please make sure you are getting the most information possible from your shipping agent. There are fees that are included in the freight price, while you would have to take care of it when handling the shipping process yourself.

How much it takes to ship a car from Los Angeles to the Netherlands?

The amount of time it takes to ship a car from the USA to Europe depends on many factors. It usually takes 4-7 weeks from delivery of the car to the shipping agent to have it released in Rotterdam or delivered to your door.

What documents are needed for vehicle shipping?

The most important are:

  • The Title (registration documents),
  • Bill of Sale,
  • Copy of your passport,
  • Proof of address in the States.

There are some other documents, such as power of attorney for your shipping agent to represent you and prepare necessary documentation.

What to comply with at the destination in the Netherlands?

There are a few things to be taken care of at the destination. Most important are complying with local tax law and fulfilling import documents. If you want to instantly drive the car after relocation, you need to take care of the insurance and proper driving documents, such as international driving license. Sometimes you have to manage custom’s inspection of the container with your vehicle. You need to consider parking or storage costs too.

When you are preparing to receive your car from the port, make sure you take with you spare auto keys (you had to leave one set with the shipping company), vehicle registration or other car documents you have. You also need to present your ID.

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