British people often decide on car shipping from the US. Mostly they move practical and comfortable Volkswagen vans. Of course you may also move such vehicles as classic or vintage cars, motorcycles, scooters, trailers, caravans and boats, not to mention goods.
Are you planning shipping your car to the UK? The first thing to be done is to send the quote and compare the offers of a few agents. Then choose the most well-known and reputable one.
If you take your vehicle abroad for more than one year, it is understood as a permanent exportation. So, before you move your car, you have to complete the V5 Vehicle Document which describes the intended date of exportation. Next return it to the DVLC or to a Vehicle Registration Office (VRO). Here you will receive a Certificate of Export V561 which will be a confirmation of registration of your car.
If you are not registered as the owner of the car yet, checks for entitlement may need to be made before an Export Certificate is issued. If the VRO cannot issue the Certificate, the application will be forwarded to DVLC, and dispatch of the certificate may be delayed while entitlement is established.
The VRO will not accept an application more than two weeks prior to the intended date of transportation. Possibly, you will be supposed to submit the Export Certificate to the foreign authority if the car is registered abroad. Choosing a way of transportation, take into account such issues as safety, cost, the state of the car and type of the car. Expensive, new vehicles should be transported in enclosed containers in which they are protected against the damage. When your car have been delivered to the port of destination the representative of your shipping agent is going to contact you to arrange customs and quarantine clearance, storage and a suitable date for collection. Vehicles shipped as groupage are available to collect from our destination representative’s depot. Vehicles shipped by an exclusive container service are usually available to be collected from the container terminal.