Are buying a car in the USA and transporting it to Europe or just moving your car? Asking shipping company for help is a good idea.

Have you already decided to ship our car overseas? The next step is to reach out to specialists.

It is important when choosing a company to ship your car internationally, to check its reputation. What should you do before you contact one of the auto shipping agents? You should check on websites and social media if there has been no complaint about its services.

Choosing car shipping agent can be difficult. First factor should be trust.

Another step is to send a car shipping quote. You do it in order to find out more about the international auto shipping offered by a chosen company. When you already know a car shipping cost you may contact the agent via email, by phone or eye-to-eye. During a conversation with a car shipping agent you should make sure you get several things.

  • What car shipping cost includes?
  • Insurance against the damage.
  • You have checked a license of the agent.

You should also check if the agent is responsive to questions and contact. Only then you can trust that people working in the company are responsible and qualified employees. Choosing a non-licensed agent is a great risk as your vehicle may be delivered with a great delay. Besides it may be damaged or even lost.

Ask auto shipping agent for documentation

A verified agent is a good source of useful information. When you are for instance planning car shipping to Germany, we can ask the agency employees about numerous necessary details. They should inform you about the forms you have to fill in. Use an opportunity to discuss the conditions of shipment with a representative. Ask about the laws in the country of destination and documents needed for a person shipping and a person collecting the vehicle.

  • What law you need to comply to?
  • What documents you need to fill in?
  • How to send documentation and what are the deadlines?
  • How to prepare the car for shipment?

You can also get information about the conditions of the transport. The agent’s representative may give you some advice. It will help to decide if you prefer to pay for an RO-RO or container shipment. Make sure you understand the pros and cons of shipping a car in a container and on deck of a RO-RO vessel. It is easier to choose the way more appropriate for you car model and financial situation.