Jeddah is situated on the Red Sea and is known as the largest port on the coast. It is also the most significant commercial center in Saudi Arabia with a population of almost 5 millions. The city is famous for numerous investments, mainly in science and engineering. Quick development and great location pulls a lot of long term visitors. If you plan a long term stay in Jeddah, you most likely want to bring your belongings and a car with you.

Have you decided to stay in Jeddah for a longer period of time? A good idea would be to transport your vehicle to Saudi Arabia. You have an opportunity to import many kinds of vehicles.

  • Ordinary cars,
  • motorbikes,
  • 4x4s,
  • vans,
  • minibuses,
  • buses and coaches,
  • and cargo.

Have you started procedures leading to shipping a car to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia? You should browse sites of overseas car shipping companies first. Compare the prices, the service and the way of shipping.

Are you relocating for business to Saudi Arabia? You can bring your belongings and ship a car to Jeddah.

International car shipping companies usually inform you about the important laws and restrictions. Be aware of all the customs charges and regulations so as to avoid difficulties.

Car shipping price to Saudi Arabia

It is worth considering a container method. In this case you may import not only the vehicle but also some personal belongings. Besides, the risk that the car will be incidentally damaged is lower.

Is the price your priority? A good option is to ship your vehicle on a RORO vessel. The car will be put on a deck of a special ship together with other vehicles. Actually, RORO is a short form of “roll on” and “roll off”. The name reflects the way in which the vehicles are loaded on a huge ocean vessels and how they are unloaded after the trip. The method is not so safe as container method but many people are pleased with it.

What to take into account when you are planning to ship your car to Jeddah?

  • price,
  • shipping method,
  • documents that are required,
  • duties and taxes,
  • possible restrictions.

Choose the best offer after you consider your needs and expectations. Make also sure you get the best price. Fill out the form to get a free shipping quote.