Jebel Ali is a port located on the coast, just 35 kilometers southwest of Dubai. Its shipping facility currently the biggest one in the Middle East.  An industrial area around the harbor is a place where many international companies relocate. Many new laborers immigrate to Jebel Ali or move here for a year or two. They often want to relocate they belongings and ship their car or 4×4 to UAE.

Jebel Ali is a big port by the city of Dubai. It is the biggest transportation hub in United Arab Emirates. Shipping your car to Dubai most likely goes through Jebel Ali.

More and more US citizens decide to import the car from their country. It’s because many people want to spend a longer period of time in United Arab Emirates. However, not all cars are suitable for the temperature and dry climate of the Middle East.

Have you decided to transport your car to Jebel Ali from the USA? You should find an experienced shipping company and read about their prices and services. Then you may arrange for dropping off and picking up the vehicle. Agent will also follow you through all the regulations and clear with customs.

How much does shipping a car to Jebel Ali cost?

What would the international shipping car company need to estimate cost? Just the year, make and model of the vehicle will give you information about the price.

Remember that you may import your car on a RORO (Roll on Roll off) vessel or in a container put on a cargo ship. In the first case you are not allowed to transport any goods inside the vehicle, apart from the jack, spare tire or tools. Container car transportation method is great for people who move to Jebel Ali. They can take not only their vehicle but also a number of household items inside.

Good news is that there are not any restrictions as far as the age of the car is concerned. You may import both an old vintage vehicle or a brand new model.

Do you transport a vehicle to Jebel Ali? No matter if it is a motorbike, car, 4×4, truck or van, you may consider an insurance. Even when you choose the most reliable international car shipping company and the safest method of transportation, some damage or delay may occur.